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Epoxy Basement Floor

epoxy in the floor

Your basement is an integral part of your home, and if you're looking to maximize your space and make use of your premium basement real estate - our team of professional epoxy floor installers is here to help. We provide high-quality epoxy services designed to transform the look of your basement and add an extra protective coating to your existing basement floor area.

Performing fast epoxy floor installations, our experts ensure that your new floor is smooth, resilient, and long-lasting, installed to last for years well into the future. Upgrade your home and enjoy a hard basement floor built by the best epoxy professionals in the business.

Benefits of Basement Epoxy Floor

Applying epoxy coating on your concrete basement floors offer several benefits, which includes:

Enhanced Durability and Long-Lastingness

People often renovate their basement and make it into a family room or a man cave. In this case, they pull in heavy pieces of furniture like couches, chairs, and pool tables. Concrete basement floors are already sturdy enough. But, applying epoxy floor coatings make it stronger. It also helps extend the life of your basement floors. With a basement floor epoxy, you are guaranteed years of good performance. Epoxy paint can make your floor hold heavier items and withstand wear and tear.

Protection from Moisture

The basement floor is low-lying, which means it tends to floor. When heavy rains are poor during the spring and fall seasons, your basement can flood. In such a case, water can seep underneath your concrete floor. It can cause damages to the surfaces. But, with the application of epoxy coatings in your entire basement, it becomes protected from moisture. The same protection will also keep water from getting into the upper parts of your property.


Low Maintenance

Concrete flooring is generally easy to clean. The same goes for epoxy floors. They're straightforward to clean; you can use a primary sweeper to dust off the dirt. Since it is low maintenance, you can save money by hiring professionals to clean up the space. But, in case you see damages like cracks, that's the only time you may need an expert's assessment and recommendation.

Beautiful Addition

Your basement flooring does not have to be dull. Jazz it up by applying epoxy paint. Epoxy provides a different beautiful finish. You can choose from various colors and patterns available. In our case, we offer customized designs for a more personalized touch.

Basement Epoxy Floor Services

At Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring, we provide high-quality services that adhere to the local building codes and industry standards. Our goal is to help you achieve the basement floor of your dreams. Our services include:

Epoxy Basement Floor Installation

We provide a world-class but affordable epoxy basement floor installation service. Thanks to our expert team of epoxy installers, we get to provide our customers with the epoxy flooring they deserve. Our company follows a strict basement floor coatings process to ensure quality output in all our projects. By hiring us to install epoxy basement flooring, you can be confident you'll get your money's worth.

Epoxy Basement Floor Resurfacing

While epoxy flooring is strong enough, there are instances when nature and man can damage the surface. You don't have to freak out, though. All you need to do is call us, and we will handle your concern. With our resurfacing services, we promise to bring back your epoxy floors to life. Our resurfacing services are available not only for addressing damages but for jazzing up existing concrete basement floors as well.

Why Hire Us 

Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring is a leading epoxy installer in St Petersburg, FL. We have been in the business for years providing high-end epoxy coating services. While we can give you several reasons to hire us, we focus on the major ones, which include:

Licensed Company

We are proud to say that we are a licensed company. We provide quality epoxy basement floor services to the St Petersburg, FL area. As a licensed company, we adhere to all standards set by the industry and the local building codes. As such, you can be confident with the quality of our work. Rest assured, we will never do anything that will compromise our license. Thus, hiring us means you get the quality of service and result that you deserve.

Thorough Epoxy Installation Process

We understand the importance of providing uniform, outstanding results. That is why we developed an efficient step-by-step epoxy installation process. While each of our customers has different requirements, the process acts as a guide to ensure we do not miss anything. Compromising the quality of work is never our game. We always strive to provide high-end results that we both can be proud of.

Industry-Standard Epoxy Basement Floor Coatings

Selecting the right product for your foundation is vital to ensure that your floors remain as solid and resilient as possible when it comes to basement floors. We believe that epoxy is the ultimate basement floor option. Not only does an epoxy basement foundation look great, but it is designed to withstand high impacts. From basement floor preparation to basement floor refinishing services, our team of qualified contractors has all the skills and services necessary to upgrade your basement floor. Never compromising on the quality of our epoxy products or the standard to which we work, our team is the one you need for a job well done for exceptional epoxy basement floor services.

Professional Epoxy Floor Installers

One of the many reasons clients love working with us for their basement floor upgrades is because we work using state-of-the-art equipment along with superior epoxy resins so that your floor looks immaculate and is set to last a lifetime. Our number one priority is to install a durable foundation that lasts. Because of this, we work diligently from the moment we arrive at your location to prepare, install, and seal your new epoxy floor. If you're looking for a surefire guarantee that your basement floor will be smooth, firm, and will continue protecting your foundation for years to come, an epoxy floor from our team is the best choice you can make for your home.


Affordable Epoxy Flooring Cost

By selecting our team for your epoxy floor coating, you'll receive comprehensive services conducted with the strict attention to detail that we are known for. We offer some of the best basement floor coating services at an unbelievably affordable rate, meaning that no matter your basement floor projects, our team has what it takes to get the job done right. Our top-quality epoxy resins are available in a range of styles and colors. Get started on a more beautiful basement floor that is unparalleled in long-lasting strength and resilience.


Wide Variety of Epoxy Floor Colors

Coating your basement floor in epoxy is an excellent decision if you're looking for a durable foundation that complements your interior design, too. Our team of epoxy experts has years of experience installing epoxy floors. We have access to one of the largest selections of epoxy colors, metallics, and styles so that our clients can tailor their basements to exactly how they like. Whether you're looking for premium polyaspartic floor coatings or gorgeous shimmered epoxy metallics, our professionals have everything you need for a first-class epoxy floor.


Free Cost Estimates

We know the importance of having enough money to do these home projects. That is why we offer free cost estimation services. Our team of expert cost estimators can help you make an informed decision. All you have to do is send us the project details, and we will come up with a realistic and reasonable quotation. Don't worry. It does not require any commitments. You don't necessarily have to hire us to get a free quote. That's how confident we are with the quality of our work.

Superb Customer Service

We value our customers so much. Every day, we make sure we always provide the same quality of customer service. We take pride in being reliable from start to finish -- even after project turnover. Our goal is to see you happy and satisfied with us in general as a company. We make sure we match the quality of our work with the quality of our customer service. Anytime you have questions or concerns, call us, and we will get back to you immediately.

Contact Us Today

Basement floors are often neglected. In most cases, homeowners would turn it into a stock room when the space has so much potential. It can be a man cave, a game room, or a family room. Let us help you turn your basement into one of your favorite rooms. Book us today, and we will provide you with the basement floor of your dreams.

We can turn your dull basement floor into a classy or edgy one. All you have to do is contact us today! There are two ways for you to reach us, first, via phone call. Dial our customer hotline during business hours, and we will be happy to answer your call. Second, via online messaging thru the contact form on our website. Rest assured of a reply from one of our friendly representatives within the next business day.

We look forward to hearing from you and working for you.

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