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Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Garage Floor

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The team at Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring is proud to provide the widest range of epoxy flooring services to the locals of the St Petersburg area. Our highly skilled team of contractors has years of experience installing and refinishing beautiful epoxy floors that not only look great but are built to last a lifetime.

From residential kitchen and basement floors to commercial and industrial epoxy resin foundations, we are able to achieve all of your floor improvement projects with top-quality epoxy installed with a flawless finish. After our work, not only will your property have a resistant, long-lasting epoxy floor but you’ll be able to enjoy a tough foundation for years to come.

About Us

Take your floors to the next level and protect your property with premium epoxy floor services from Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring the best epoxy flooring in town. Our team of contractors has spent years upgrading residential and commercial properties in the city using top-quality epoxy resin and state-of-the-art tools. Our goal is to apply a smooth, even coat of beautiful epoxy so that you can enjoy tough, long-lasting floors that are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. And, with some of the most competitive rates available for professional epoxy flooring services, there is no doubt that you’ll love your new and improved epoxy floors from our qualified professionals.

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Our Services

​When you’re ready to get started on your new floor installation, or you’re after a great way to refinish and resurface your existing concrete foundations, the team at Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring is here with all the skills and services you need under one roof. Our wide range of services includes everything from a residential kitchen, basement, and garage epoxy floor to commercial and industrial floor upgrades, and with some of the most affordable rates available for premium epoxy flooring, we are the best decision you can make for your property. For a flawless epoxy floor that looks great and is set to last for years, we are the team you can count on for a job well done.

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Residential Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is an excellent decision to make if you’re looking to renovate your rooms, upgrade your floors, and invest in a long-lasting foundation in your house. Our highly skilled contractors prepare your existing floors and install flawless epoxy floors in any room in your house, from kitchen and basements to garages and more. Available in a range of colors, styles, and metallic options, you’ll be able to customize your home and enjoy the strongest floors underfoot.

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Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring

If you’re looking for fast epoxy flooring services that are conducted with professional attention to detail, our team of experienced contractors is here to help. We have upgraded countless commercial properties and industrial floors of all shapes and sizes with high-quality epoxy resin coatings that not only look immaculate but are set to last for years to come. For the strongest, most resilient floors in your workplace, our team is the best decision you can make for unparalleled epoxy floor results.

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Epoxy Garage Floor

By selecting our team, you’ll receive high-quality epoxy garage floor installation services offered at some of the most affordable rates in the city. We operate using state-of-the-art equipment along with a large variety of epoxy resins. Your garage floor experiences extreme pressures and intense impacts daily, so it’s important to seal your foundation with a resilient epoxy coating for long-lasting results. No matter if you’re looking for beautiful metallic epoxy or premium epoxy resins coatings, we have everything you need for a strong and durable garage floor.

I am blown away by the fantastic epoxy floor installation services of Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring. I was looking for any way to renovate my garage while making sure my floor was strong enough for the carpentry work I get done in there. This hardworking team transformed my garage and installed a gorgeous epoxy floor that looks great and is unable to be scuffed, chipped, or scratched. Great work, team!-Dean T

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My industrial warehouse was almost unusable due to an unstable foundation that was suffering from major cracks and chips. I reached out to the team at Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring as they had done fantastic floor work for a friend. This team came straight to my warehouse and was able to upgrade my floor and coat my concrete with a perfect layer of metallic epoxy. My workplace looks better than ever and I know that my staff are kept safe using a smooth, strong floor.” -Jin T

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After years of use and abuse, my basement was cracked and broken. I needed a fast way to resurface my basement that wouldnt cost me an arm and a leg. I was recommended the services of Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring, and I am so happy with their excellent epoxy floor work. They had all the tools necessary to prepare my basement floor and install a seamless coating of high-quality epoxy. I am very happy with their excellent workmanship!-Chris C

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Epoxy Basement Floor

Coating your basement floor in a high-quality epoxy resin is the best way you can protect your foundation while making sure your floor is stronger and more durable than ever before. Our team of highly skilled contractors arrives at your location, ready to prepare your existing basement floor, install premium epoxy, and seal your new foundation for you to enjoy for many more years to come. Available in a wide variety of colors, metallics, and styles, transform your basement floor and enhance your property with an exceptional epoxy basement floor from our qualified professionals.

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Epoxy Countertops

An epoxy countertop from our seasoned epoxy experts will enhance your life in more ways than one. Perfect for both residential and commercial purposes, our trained team of contractors can prepare and install a stunning epoxy countertop in a color and style that best suits your interior. With us, you can count on a smooth, low-maintenance epoxy countertop that is designed to withstand extreme pressures and support heavy loads.

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Uses For Epoxy

There are countless uses for high-quality epoxy, and our qualified epoxy professionals are available to upgrade all of your surfaces in a residential or commercial setting. Whether you are looking for a fast concrete floor coating or if you are interested in a total countertop upgrade, our highly skilled team has access to the largest selection of top-quality epoxy resins that will be installed and cured to look exceptional and last a lifetime.

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Epoxy Flooring FAQs

Contact Us Today

Contact the team at Elite St Petersburg Epoxy Flooring if you’re ready to get started on your property improvement project with the best epoxy company in the business. Our team of qualified contractors has spent years working in this industry, providing clients with a wide range of services that are designed to upgrade floors of all shapes and sizes with a premium coating of high-quality epoxy resin. Call us using the main contact number listed on our website to find out more about our services and how we can enhance your residential or commercial property with epoxy floors that look incredible and are set to withstand the true test of time.

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